Here are two options for good WiFi in the home.

Common across all options

This is basically the router. It’s a security gateway that protects your network and is remotly configuration. This is a good option for your use case. It is a bit more expensive but it’ll allow for remote configuration.


Get two access points. One for the front of the house, one for the back end. These should cover down well enough to the basement of the house. These are the AC Lites. They have a little bit lower coverage area, and a little bit less bandwidth overall. They’re designed for the home environment.


If you’re concerned about a lot of devices, you could go this route instead. This might be a really good route to go for the bar area, depending on the number of guests you have. Two at a minimum or tree max. These are designed for places like hotels with a lot of devices.


One of the pros of a system like this is expandability. Later on if you decide to go with additional items, this system encompasses a lot of other areas including cameras and DVR technology and even phones.