I’m adding this here because I ran into an issue yesterday and it had me stumped for a bit.

Could not load image “myimage.png”

Fatal error reading PNG image file: Not a PNG file.

Now I’m thinking to myself, what the hell… It’s a PNG. Or so I thought.

Googleing around I got the standard, it’s not a PNG because you renamed it and reinstall this package, etc, etc. Nothing worked.

Then I remembered.

I just migrated a few weeks ago back to Linux after a long stay with Windows. Working with static sites is something I do relativly often. What I’d forgotten was that I had previously setup git LFS and Ubuntu was right, this file is not a PNG at all. It’s a pointer to a PNG so that when I deploy my files go to netlify’s LFS storage for deployment, instead of my git repo.

This also means that until I install and configure git LFS again, I’m not going to get the image when I pull from git, because the image isn’t stored on github.

For those in the same boat as me, after you install git lfs and configure it, you can run git lfs pull to link the images with the points locally. Althought, according to this issue , it might be a little buggy, It worked for me.

If you’re not familiar with git, github, netlify, or static sites, I’ll be trying to start building some more content around what it is, why it’s interesting, and much more soon, as time permits. I’ve only recently got up enough courage to actually make this all public, so we’ll see how it goes.