I don’t normally read the Washington Post, but this one popped up in my YouTube feed from Luis Rossmann.

Americans widely distrust Facebook…

Well, honestly… duh… Nobody trusts Facebook. What really struck me the most about this article, and as Luis mentions in his video, is more people trust Google, than Apple, and that’s not even factoring in YouTube.

Do people know that Google’s business is ‘literally’ your data, knowing everything about you? Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t they the ones that pioneered that?

Personally, I don’t trust any of them. I’ve been on a mission recently to remove myself from all things big tech, starting with Google.

Maybe not everyone is tech savy enough or even cares enough to build their own data storage and backup, but Google Really… I think I might’ve just lost faith in Americans all over again.

Americans widely distrust Facebook, TikTok and Instagram with their data, poll finds